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"...Our beliefs are what holds us together. When the leaders we trust turn out to be liars, thieves and murders, it can shake our confidence and certainly be painful. The feeling of betrayal can lead to nearly uncontrollable anger. When our Gods betray us, it may be too much for some people to bear. Some folks might be better off if they just pass on this material and stick to their beliefs. Proceed at your own risk. However, if you are a seeker, and serious about "meaning of life" issues, you can't afford to turn back now."...On the Right Hand of God: A Partial History of the Sacred Jim Cranford
"I have and still am studying many religions and I feel that there is truth in all religions. There have been and are many people on this planet who have found the right path - for them, at least. There are many paths to the Divine, mine is but one. Picture, if you will, a huge field. At the center is the biggest tree you can imagine. There are perhaps a million or more ways to get to that tree. It all depends on where you are currently standing. There is no one right way to get to the center. Will not any path to the center of the field get you to the tree? No matter what side of the field you are on, your path is to the center. The tree is the Tree of Life. It is the source of all knowledge....."...The Truth in all Bill Schell
"All human beings come from a mother's womb. We are all the same part of one human family. We should have a clear realization of the oneness of all humanity."

” All religions are essentially the same in their goal of developing a good human heart so that we may become better human beings.”
...The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso
"This astonishing idea is not new. In the ancient Indian Upanishads, the answer to the question: “Who am I?” is “Tat tvam asi.” This succinct Sanskrit sentence means literally: “Thou art That,” or “You are Godhead.” It suggests that we are not “namarupa” – name and form (body/ego), but that our deepest identity is with a divine spark in our innermost being (Atman) which is ultimately identical with the supreme universal principle that created the universe (Brahman). And Hinduism is not the only religion that has made this discovery. The revelation concerning the identity of the individual with the divine is the ultimate secret that lies at the mystical core of all great spiritual traditions. The name for this principle could thus be the Tao, Buddha, Cosmic Christ, Allah, Great Spirit, Sila, and many others. Holotropic experiences have the potential to help us discover our true identity and our cosmic status (Grof 1998). Sometimes this happens in small increments, other times in the form of major breakthroughs. "The Consciousness Revolution: New Perspectives in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy...Stanislav Grof, M.D.